Hechang Technology (International) Co., Ltd. specializes in producing high-precision die-casting aluminum/zinc alloys

Hechang Technology (International) Co., Ltd. specializes in producing high-precision die-casting aluminum/zinc alloys and fast-cutting metal parts. Product categories and applications include: microwave communications, security systems, advanced home appliances, power tools, optical audio, radiators and various industrial assemblies.
The company has a large number of advanced CNC production machine tools and supporting testing equipment and other production systems, which can be implemented from mold development, die casting, machining, surface treatment to testing and inspection.
During the production period, each process is monitored and tested according to internationally recognized standards to ensure that all products can meet the strict requirements of customers

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LED lamp accessories refer to various accessories or parts used for LED lamps.

Die casting is a common manufacturing process, which is made by injecting liquid metal into a special mold, then rapidly cooling and solidifying.

Microwave communication system is a communication system based on microwave technology, which uses microwave frequency band for signal transmission.

Microwave communication system has the advantages of high bandwidth, large capacity and anti-interference, which is widely used in modern communication field.

A radiator is a device used to dissipate heat

It is usually made of metal materials, such as aluminum alloy or copper, which has good thermal conductivity. The main function of the radiator is to transfer heat from the heat source or hot object to the surrounding environment to reduce the temperature and maintain the normal operation of the equipment.

Precision parts of electronic motors

One of the most important components is the rotor of the electric motor. The rotor is usually made of permanent magnets, which are capable of generating a magnetic field. When current is passed through the coils of the motor, the magnetic field interacts with the current in the coils, creating a torque that causes the rotor to rotate.

New energy accessories refer to all kinds of parts and accessories that can be used in conjunction with new energy equipment.

In the field of new energy, the role of accessories is very important. They can improve the performance of equipment, extend the service life, and further promote the development of new energy technologies.

Office equipment products are professional equipment developed to meet the needs of the modern office environment

These devices include printers, copiers, fax machines, scanners, etc., which can perform a variety of office tasks.