Management Concept

Quality Policy

Leading Prevention Delivery on Time According to Quality and Quantity

Continuous Improvement of Customer Satisfaction Products and Services

Environmental and Hazardous Substances Management Policy:

* Properly Introduce ISO14001 Standards as Our Company's Environmental Management Model. Appropriate introduction of QC080000 as the Division in the management of hazardous substances model, the environmental management system and hazardous substances management system into the business management system. Develop documents, implement plans and regularly review environmental objectives, incoming and finished hazardous substance levels.

* Compliance with local environmental regulations and other related requirements is our most basic environmental performance.

Comply with international, domestic and customer-specified hazardous substance control requirements and implement them to our products. This is the most basic performance of the Division to control hazardous substances.

* In the activities controlled by our company, we are committed to saving energy and external resources and reducing waste.

* Use our buying influence to enforce compliance by suppliers and contractors with the basic requirements for the supply of incoming materials that meet international, national and customer-specified hazardous substance controls, and provide relevant ingredient information. Encourage suppliers and contractors to comply with environmental protection.

* Strive to find alternatives and continuously improve production operations to achieve the goal of continuous improvement of the environment and the level of hazardous substances in the products produced by the company.

* Provide employee training to increase awareness and skills in environmental protection and hazardous substances.