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The Company was founded in 1984 and specializes in the die-casting and precision machining of aluminum alloy parts for computer hard disk drive arms. In 1992, the company became one of the subsidiaries of SST Co., Ltd. and belonged to "Shougang Technology Group Co., Ltd." As one of the enterprises under the Group, due to the Group's development strategy, the Company left the Group in July 2010 and became an independent Hong Kong-owned enterprise. The company is located in:
The company is located in:
In 2003, the company's manufacturing business was transformed into various types of zinc / aluminum alloy parts for die-casting and precision machining. Its product range includes all industries.

To meet the product requirements, the development of more post-processing processes, including polishing, spraying, dusting and anodizing, electroless nickel and so on.

To tie in with the business development in mainland China, in October 2008, the Group of the Company established the sole proprietorship "Hop Cheong Industrial (Dongguan) Co., Ltd." in order to meet the business needs of both export and domestic sales.

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