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Hop Chang Technology (International) Co., Ltd. specializes in producing high-precision die-casting aluminum / zinc alloy, fast cutting metal parts. Product categories and applications include: microwave communications, security systems, advanced appliances, power tools, optical audio, radiators and a variety of industrial accessories.

     The company has a large number of advanced CNC machine tools and production equipment supporting testing equipment, can be completed from the mold development, die-casting, machining, surface treatment to test and inspection.

     During the production of each process are in accordance with international standards of inspection and monitoring to ensure that the products are able to meet the stringent quality requirements of customers.

     The company was recognized by the world recognized ISO 9001 quality system certification. Quality control and testing by professional counterparts in accordance with international standards for audit verification, so that products meet the international specifications.

     At the same time, the company can also help customers develop new products.



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